Becoming a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California is a rigorous process containing three phases. The first step is receiving a formal education and obtaining a Master's degree. Next, the Associate needs to acquire 3,000 hours of experience under the Supervision of Licensed professionals. Once those hours have been approved by the Board of Behavioral Sciences they may enter the examination process. There are two exams they must pass before they officially become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

After more than a decade of gaining wisdom, experience and expertise in this field, I became a Supervisor to impart this knowledge to others. In selecting Associates to work under my supervision, the most important criteria were: Integrity, Inclusivity, Competency and Aptitude. Additionally, these Associates have accrued a majority of their internship hours so they have quite a bit of experience coming into a Private Practice Internship. I have full confidence in the Associates' work, but also discuss each case with them to ensure their clients receive excellent care.

Breena Wescott

Breena works with adolescents, adult individuals, couples and families. Working with parents is a particular area of interest, especially those disillusioned by their role as caregiver. As a mom of teens, tweens and young children, she has a special interest in developmental psychology. She understands the value of connection and the importance of a strong and supportive family system. Good therapy can help renew connection among family members as well as a deeper understanding of one's self. Whether you are a young person, feeling "stuck" in the mundanity of everyday or parents who have "tried everything" and are discouraged, Breena can help you gain insight, find meaning and live more contented lives.

Prior to earning her Masters in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University she earned a Sociology degree from UC Davis. Her areas of emphasis are: Parenting, Family of Origin, Identity, Shame, Childhood Trauma, Faith and Spirituality, LGBTQIA+ affirmation, Grief and Loss, ADHD (adolescent and adult), Interpersonal Relationships and Life Transitions.

Breena Wescott, M.A., AMFT #145080
Supervisor: Amy E.Sargent LMFT # 47022
Phone: 650-308-9712